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A photo of Cornell Engineering student Claire

Meet Claire

A photo of Cornell Engineering student ClaireMajor: materials science & engineering
Hometown: St. Charles, MO

MSE Undergraduate, Claire recently received the Frank and Rosa Rhodes Scholarship.  Claire is originally from St. Charles, MO and is currently a junior at Cornell.  Cornell University appealed to Claire due to the depth and breadth of its engineering program, and she chose Materials Science for its “incredible versatility and for its focus on the intersection of chemistry, physics, and engineering.”

This summer Claire will be interning at Argonne National Laboratory, where she will be working on the development of vanadium oxide nanoparticle/polymer composite thermochromic window films.

In addition to excelling in her undergraduate education, Claire is a member of the Cornell Materials Society and works at the Mann Library Makerspace.

A photo of Cornell Engineering student Tao

Meet Tao

A photo of Cornell Engineering student TaoMajor: materials science & engineering
Hometown: Zhoushan, China

Tao, a MSE senior recently received the Bill Nye ’77 Award in Undergraduate Research, for his work on the HI-light project under the guidance of Ph.D. Candidate, Elvis Cao in the Erickson Lab. This work focused on the modification of a glass waveguide surface for uniform light refraction inside a optofluidic photoreactor. This project has challenged Tao to learn and apply his interdisciplinary knowledge to solve realistic engineering problems. Tao has had a variety of research experiences including work in the Xing group on the surface characterization of Ga2O3 single crystal.  Tao is excited about the new technologies enabled by novel materials and says, “The development of the new materials is like magic to me, and I want to be one of the magicians.”.

Tao came to Cornell because of the beautiful summer views in Ithaca.  He also enjoys the lovely and lively people on campus and the many opportunities for him to explore and develop his interests in a variety of areas. One of which is his practice of Shinto Muso Ryu Jo and Kendo, two Japanese martial arts. Tao is the current Vice President of the Kendo Club at Cornell University.

Cornell Engineering student Amanda

Meet Amanda A

Cprnell Engineering student AmandaMajor: materials science & engineering
Hometown: Norristown, PA

Why you choose Cornell Engineering?
I chose Cornell Engineering for the people. When I visited I got the chance to meet so many interesting people. Everybody I talked to had something interesting to say and some really fascinating hobbies or projects. I love to learn and being at Cornell, I am surrounded by people who also love to learn.

What is your favorite thing about Cornell Engineering?
I really like supporting my friends and seeing all of the amazing things they are up-to. Whenever I visit a workspace on the Engineering Quad it feels like that lab in Big Hero 6 with every student working on some project they are really passionate about. I never know what I am going to see on the Quad, whether it is a homemade electric skateboard or the mars rover or a solar powered smoothie cart or a concrete or cardboard or autonomous boat.

What do you do outside of the classroom?
I am very involved with my project team Engineers for a Sustainable World. It is great to be a part of a project team at Cornell because you get hands-on experience in Engineering. I really like that my project team often works with local businesses so it is also a great way to get off campus and get involved in the local Ithaca community.

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