Cornell Engineering Majors

One of the great benefits for Cornell Engineering students is the fact that everyone starts out as unaffiliated. During your first two years at Cornell Engineering, students will take courses designed to provide a firm foundation for all engineering majors. Students affiliate with their chosen major during their sophomore year. To apply for affiliation with a major, students must complete an online application, have a cumulative GPA of >2.0, and have satisfied the major’s specific course and grade requirements. You will have time to explore our 14 different majors and learn about them before making a decision about where to focus your studies. We know, that as you learn and grow academically your career goals may change and with the help of your faculty and peer advisors, we will help you make a decision that is right for you. You can find detailed information about the course requirements for each major in our Cornell Engineering Handbook. Check out the Cornell University Outcomes Dashboard, where you can gather information by major on what our graduating students do after graduation.