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We hope you will check out some short videos by our resident Cornell Engineering experts. You will find responses to frequently asked questions as well as conversations with engineering students and student services staff. We will continue to add videos, so check back periodically.

Sections include:
Answers to Frequently Asked Questions
Student Project Teams: Everything You Need to Know
Hear from Cornell Engineering Students
Meet Our Rule Breakers

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Ask Cornell: Frequently Asked Questions for the College of Engineering

What Makes Cornell Engineering Unique?

What is the Difference Between Early Decision and Regular Decision?

Please note that Cornell University has extended the deadline for Early Decision to November 16, 2020.

Are There Curricular Requirements When Applying to Cornell Engineering?

What Is the Application Process for International Applicants?

Please note that some changes have been made to the testing options for English proficiency as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

What is the Engineering Common Curriculum?

What are the Engineering Distribution Requirements and the Liberal Studies Requirements?

What is the Difference Between Computer Science in the College of Engineering vs. the College of Arts and Sciences?

What is the Weather Like in Ithaca?

What is the Independent Major?

Why is Aerospace Engineering Not a Major at Cornell Engineering?

Recommended viewing: How to Build Your Own Spacecraft, a TEDx Cornell University talk by Mason Peck, associate professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering.

Student Project Teams: Everything You Need to Know


Student Project Teams Part 1: What Are Student Project Teams

Student Project Teams Part 2: What Are the Benefits?

Student Project Teams Part 3: How to Get Involved

Student Project Teams Part 4: What is the Project Team Workspace Like?

Student Project Teams Part 5: How Do Project Teams Enhance an Engineering Education?

Student Project Teams Part 6: What Is Unique About Cornell Engineering's Project Teams?

Learn How the Cornell Career Center Helps Students

Cornell Engineering Career Center

Hear from Cornell Engineering Students

Q&A with Caroline, a Rising Senior in Biomedical Engineering.

Cornell Engineering: iGem (project team)

Meet Saaj (engineering physics)

Meet Jamey (mechanical engineering)

Meet Jehron (computer science)

Meet Sofia (computer science)

Meet Robert (engineering physics)

Meet Miah (computer science)

Meet Katie (engineering physics)

Listen as Cornell Engineering senior, Katie, reflects on her journey at Cornell.

Meet Our Rule Breakers

Meet Jordan (biomedical engineering)

Meet Evan (materials science and engineering)

Meet Nikita (computer science)

Meet Diego (mechanical engineering)

Meet Nicolette (civil engineering)

Meet Olav (mechanical engineering)