Research at Cornell

Hallmarks of a Cornell Education: Research, Creative Experiences and Hands-On Learning

Cornell Engineering is home to 247 faculty members who come from incredibly diverse academic and personal backgrounds. All faculty in our college teach and advise undergraduate students as well as engage in research. From their first year on campus, Cornell Engineers have the opportunity to work closely with faculty members on cutting-edge research. Undergraduate students have the choice to receive pay or credit for their research work.

Research can enhance the undergraduate experience by allowing students to take the skills and knowledge learned in the classroom and apply them to real situations. It affords students the opportunity to interact closely with faculty and, in many instances, to develop valuable industry connections. When involved in research, students will also find themselves working with peers who share their passion for learning.

Cornell Engineering students are not limited to participating in research only within the College of Engineering; they are able to apply to research opportunities across the University. Cornell faculty are engaged in research in almost every field imaginable.

The College of Engineering is fully committed to the upholding the University’s status as a premier research institution. Research teams made of students, postdoctoral associates, and faculty address scientific and engineering challenges, stimulate innovation, and enhance transitions to industry.  Our objectives are threefold: a) to advance science and engineering, b) to address emerging societal challenges critical to the nation and the world, and c) to educate a new generation of interdisciplinary researchers ready to lead in academia and industry.

The research portfolio is organized around four strategic areas—click on each image to learn more:

Advanced Materials. A photograph of a person holding up a globe Bioengineering. A photograph of a student holding a vial of polymer
A photograph of a studnet pointing at a computer screen A person holding a globe


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