Meet Amanda A

Cprnell Engineering student AmandaMajor: materials science & engineering
Hometown: Norristown, PA

Why you choose Cornell Engineering?
I chose Cornell Engineering for the people. When I visited I got the chance to meet so many interesting people. Everybody I talked to had something interesting to say and some really fascinating hobbies or projects. I love to learn and being at Cornell, I am surrounded by people who also love to learn.

What is your favorite thing about Cornell Engineering?
I really like supporting my friends and seeing all of the amazing things they are up-to. Whenever I visit a workspace on the Engineering Quad it feels like that lab in Big Hero 6 with every student working on some project they are really passionate about. I never know what I am going to see on the Quad, whether it is a homemade electric skateboard or the mars rover or a solar powered smoothie cart or a concrete or cardboard or autonomous boat.

What do you do outside of the classroom?
I am very involved with my project team Engineers for a Sustainable World. It is great to be a part of a project team at Cornell because you get hands-on experience in Engineering. I really like that my project team often works with local businesses so it is also a great way to get off campus and get involved in the local Ithaca community.