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Finding a Different Desk Everyday

A photo of Olin LIbraryOne of the most exciting and eventful times of my life was arriving at Cornell and diving into the “college experience”. But during this time I also knew that coming to Cornell to study engineering has the unfortunate consequence of having to study. A lot.

At first I began working alone in my room at my cluttered desk for hours on end. This routine quickly and inevitably fell victim to the seductive nature of the internet and Netflix. So I decided to change up where I study and began to explore what Cornell’s libraries, atriums, and study spaces have to offer.

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Life on North Campus

Cornell engineering student Francis, posing with two other RAsHi there! My name’s Francis, and I’m a senior here at Cornell majoring in electrical and computer engineering and minoring in business. From the moment I stepped onto campus four years ago, I knew that I’d try my absolute hardest to make this place home. And I did exactly that. So let me take you back to my freshman days on North Campus—where the journey began.

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