My Favorite Place on Campus

Cornell Engineering student FrannyMy favorite place on campus is the Slope aka Libe Slope. When the weather is warm and the sun is shining, the Slope is a fantastic place to have a picnic with friends, take a break from studying, or watch the sunset behind West Campus. When I am stressed or tired, I like to take walks outside to get some energy and refresh myself. The Slope is right outside of Olin and Uris library, so I often find myself heading towards the slope. One of my favorite things to do is to lie on the grass and listen to music. Classes and extracurriculars can get overwhelming on a day to day basis, and going to the slope is a reminder for me to appreciate that present moment.

Sledding on Libe SlopeThe Slope consists of multiple paths along the hill that connect areas of West Campus to Central Campus. The walk down signals the end of a long day where me and my friends get together to decide which dining hall to go to and enjoy a meal. On the other hand, the trek back up the Slope is definitely more challenging, but it is always a rewarding feeling to make it back to the top and conquer the slope. On the Slope, many students sit on the grass chatting, doing work, or relaxing. Around noon and in the evenings, there are also chime performances to listen to. I love that the Slope is a shared common space for students, faculty and the Ithaca community, and everyone is there to enjoy the weather.

In the winter when snow storms hit and classes are canceled, many students flock to the Slope. My sophomore year, I saw students armed with sleds, cardboard, inflatable toys, and other creative forms of makeshift sleds. My friends and I didn’t have sleds, so we used cardboard wrapped with plastic trash bags to go slide down the hill. It was a wonderful way to take a break from working and spend time with friends.

No matter the season, the slope continues to bring people together to celebrate wonderful weather and the companionship of others. I’ve had so many wonderful memories here, and I hope to make more these next two years. The Slope embodies the history, traditions, and collective spirit of the student body and faculty at Cornell, and I could not imagine campus without it.

—Franny, mechanical engineering