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Cornell Engineering student Ashley

Meet Ashley

Cornell Engineering student AshleyMajor: mechanical engineering
Hometown: Syracuse, NY

Why did you choose Cornell Engineering?
They have an amazing amount of resources and it was a chance to network.

What inspires you the most at Cornell Engineering?
Meeting my peer and upperclassmen. My TAs have been great and their passion bleeds over.

How do you get involved outside the classroom?
I attend community events and reach out to professors and TAs outside of classes.

What advice do you have for other first-generation college students as they begin their college journey?
I think the most important thing is to establish connections first- with peers, family, etc. Make sure you have someone you can talk to.

How did you learn about the resources available at Cornell? 
I learned about the resources available at Cornell through EOP HEOP, my professors, and my friends. EOP HEOP made me aware of the LSC (Learning Strategies Center) and ELI (Engineering Learning Initiatives) programs, and my physics professors announced before each class that there was free physics tutoring nearly every day at the LSC. When I reached out to my EOP HEOP advisor for additional academic help, she also referred me to more personal tutoring at LSC OADI tutoring. I heard of the MSC (Math Support Center) for math from my friends; that also has free tutoring almost every day.

Which resources have you found to be most helpful, and why?
I definitely think the free tutoring at the LSC and the MSC was the most beneficial because it was available almost anytime. Although sometimes you would have to wait for other students’ turns, usually there were multiple tutors so you could break off into a private one-on-one session with a tutor.

Cornell Engineering student Yesenia

Meet Yesenia

Cornell Engineering student YeseniaMajor: computer science
Hometown: Brooklyn, NY

Why did you choose Cornell Engineering?
I love computer science, but I also have interests in other engineering fields such as electrical and computer engineering.

What inspires you the most at Cornell Engineering?
There is an effort to support and encourage women to pursue fields in STEM that other colleges do not push for.

How do you get involved outside the classroom?
I love helping other people and working with people. I work in residential life, mentorship programs, and am a part of diversity initiatives here at Cornell.

How was your experience adjusting to life at Cornell?
At first it was difficult due to the nature of the pandemic, so I had to I learn to step out of my comfort zone and make the initiative to meet new people.

What advice do you have for other first-generation college students as they begin their college journey?
Don’t be afraid to do things on your own.

A photograph of Cornell Engineering student Francis

Meet Francis

A photograph of Cornell Engineering student Francis Major: electrical and computer engineering
Hometown: Forest Hills, NY

Francis aspires to be a professional digital photographer someday and would live in Amsterdam for the rest of his life, if he had the choice.

He wants the world to know that people might say that your path is defined for you, but it’s not their life. It’s yours, and you have the power to define and achieve your own success.

Francis wants prospective students to know that taking risks is the only way to  tap into your true potential.

After Cornell Engineering, Francis plans to delve into the world of product management and hopefully go to graduate school to pursue a Masters after a few years in the tech industry.

My wish for future engineering students is that they will figure out the world’s most crucial problems and use their gift of a Cornell education to tackle those first. They should be excited, rather than intimidated, when confronted with the most challenging problems.

Francis wants to live in a world where engineers will be the shapers of society. From the products they create to the problems they solve to the ideas they generate, engineers will leave a lasting impact on the world well beyond their years.

Cornell engineering student Adam

Meet Adam

Cornell engineering student AdamMajor: environmental engineering
Hometown: Lindenhurst, NY

Why you choose Cornell Engineering?
I chose Cornell Engineering because I wanted to surround myself with faculty and students who are leaders in their fields. The professors I work with inspire me as a student as well as push me to be a successful engineer every day.

What is your favorite thing about Cornell Engineering?
My favorite thing about Cornell Engineering is the cooperative environment mixed with the academic rigor, for only through a combination of these two can innovative, creative solutions be achieved.

What do you do outside of the classroom?
I am a part of AguaClara, a student-based engineering project team with worldwide impacts in providing safe, clean, drinking water. Additionally, I really enjoy taking full advantage of Ithaca’s beautiful scenery by hiking, snowboarding, and mountain biking.

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