Meet Brian

Major: computer science
Hometown: Cliffside, NJ

Why did you choose Cornell and/or Cornell Engineering?
I chose Cornell Engineering because of the flexibility that I can have! I have always wanted to combine computer science and business and Cornell allows me to do this with ease. There is no bounds of what you can learn at Cornell and I can freely enroll in any class in any college that I believe will allow me to learn what I want. Moreover, the opportunities I have been exposed to at Cornell have greatly prepared me professionally.

What is your favorite thing about Cornell and/or Cornell Engineering?
I love the collaborative culture. Whether its for a problem set, an exam, or for an organization I am a part of, I can work with other Engineers to help everyone learn and get work done more efficiently!s.

How did you get involved outside the classroom?
I am currently the co-social chair for Underrepresented Minorities in Computing (URMC), the undergraduate coordinator for CUEmpower (An initiative of Diversity in Engineering that provides mentorship for first year engineers), and I am apart of a startup.