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A Day in the Life of a Cornell Engineer during the Pandemic

Cornell Engineering student StephieMy typical day during the pandemic consists of fewer in-person activities than before the pandemic, but we are very lucky at Cornell that we have successfully pulled off a hybrid model and still have some in-person opportunities! Typically, I wake up and take any morning classes I have at home. I also try to take a break where I can run or go on a walk with a friend in the mornings (see picture). My afternoons are more variable, depending on whether or not I have something in person. If I have to go into lab, or if I have an in-person discussion or lab class, I usually go to Duffield with my friends to study before and after my in-person activity. If not, I stay home to study. Then I usually eat dinner with my roommates, or get takeout with some friends, and proceed to do my homework or club activities over Zoom. If I don’t have too much work, I try to bake or watch Netflix with my roommates.

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My Favorite Place on Campus

Cornell Engineering student FrannyMy favorite place on campus is the Slope aka Libe Slope. When the weather is warm and the sun is shining, the Slope is a fantastic place to have a picnic with friends, take a break from studying, or watch the sunset behind West Campus. When I am stressed or tired, I like to take walks outside to get some energy and refresh myself. The Slope is right outside of Olin and Uris library, so I often find myself heading towards the slope. One of my favorite things to do is to lie on the grass and listen to music. Classes and extracurriculars can get overwhelming on a day to day basis, and going to the slope is a reminder for me to appreciate that present moment.

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Spotlight: Computer Science

A photo of cornell engineering student PeterMy name is Pete, and I am a senior studying Computer Science in the College of Engineering. On campus I am part of several different organizations: Club Tennis, Chi Psi Fraternity, and Engineering Ambassadors. In my free time I enjoy reading autobiographies, listening to chill music, and playing my guitar.

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Beebe Lake: My Favorite Place on Campus

A photo of Beebe LakeIthaca is known for its beautiful gorges and natural areas. Nothing on Cornell’s campus better exemplifies this than Beebe Lake. Despite being surrounded by the rest of campus, Beebe Lake offers a self-contained slice of nature, separate from the rest of the campus and its accompanying bustle. It is for this reason that Beebe Lake and the trail that goes around it are my favorite places on campus.

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Ithaca: The Community Beyond Campus

The multitude of performances, athletic events, guest lectures, and social gatherings happening at any given time at Cornell makes it easy to occupy your free time without leaving campus. This fact was one of the many reasons I chose to come to Cornell, as this packed schedule builds a strong community of students centered around the campus. That said, my Cornell experience would have been severely limited had I never taken opportunities to engage in activities and programs within the Ithaca community.

A photoof the sun setting over Ithaca Commons

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