My days usually start at 7:30 a.m., giving me just enough time to make it to my 8 am classes on time. No matter what happens in the morning, I always check the weather forecast. Sure, the weather does a 180 halfway through the day, but it’s still nice to know if it will be generally cold or warm. I don’t usually get breakfast first thing in the morning, so I’ll usually run by a dining hall and grab a banana before starting my walk. I like to take the scenic route to class as much as possible, which usually involves going through the Beebe Lake Trail or the suspension bridge over Fall Creek Gorge.

I usually have classes until 4 p.m., but there are nice breaks in between them which are perfect for last-minute studying or getting some homework done. During my shorter breaks, I like to go to Uris Library or, if the weather permits, sit by the slope. A lot of the time I use these breaks for shorter assignments or studying, since I like to finish things in one go. During longer breaks, I usually meet up with friends to grab lunch and study together for a while. Even if we are all working on separate things, it’s nice to have company, and we hold each other accountable when it comes to getting distracted.

After I am done with classes for the day, I either go to club or project team meetings or do homework for 2-3 hours, usually bouncing between subjects for variety. I always try to start my work as early as possible, which is usually 3-4 days before the deadline, but I usually finish it the day it is due. After that, I get dinner nearby with my suitemates or some friends. It’s a nice way to wind down and relax before continuing homework for another hour or two. Once I’ve had my share of work, I try to do something more active and move around for a bit. I love going to the Lindseth Climbing Center with friends since it’s a great way to destress, get active, and get a good laugh. If I’m not climbing, I will usually go to the gym or walk around for an hour before heading back to my dorm.

I try to keep my nights free of work as much as possible. I like to get back to my dorm, get ready for bed, and then chat with friends for a while. While my days are a little hectic, the spread-out breaks make them a lot more manageable and fun. For me, having time set aside for myself and for friends is nice and something I tend to look forward to.


—Melanie, Electrical and Computer Engineering