Hi everyone! My name is Lily and I am a sophomore majoring in Operations Research and Information Engineering and I act as a Peer Advisor for incoming first-year students in the ENGRG 1050 class! As a Peer Advisor I get the opportunity to work with fellow upperclassmen to help welcome new first-year students and help them transition into Cornell’s College of Engineering. We, as PAs, are here to provide first-years with an immediate support system and resource to help them lay the foundation for their first year and years to come!

I remember as a first-year myself how nervous I was transitioning to Cornell, and immediately my Peer Advisors and Faculty Advisor in my ENGRG 1050 class calmed my nerves and provided me with the information I needed to be successful. The ENGRG 1050 class not only provided me with upperclassmen mentors, but also with friends and a support system in my own year. In the ENGRG 1050 class, your Peer Advisors help you navigate the grading system, enrolling in classes, learning more about project teams, and how to find opportunities on campus that suit your interests. Having such a strong support system my first year inspired me to help create the same support system for future students as a Peer Advisor!

As a Peer Advisor I get to work with a fellow Co-PA and a faculty advisor to help students navigate their first year. We work to guide students through their academics and give them the academic resources they need to succeed, whether it is helping them sign up for 1-on-1 tutors, finding an Academic Excellence Workshop for them to enroll in, or forming study groups with their peers. During the ENGRG 1050 class we also get to explore Cornell’s campus through trips to the Johnson Museum, walks around campus to learn the TCAT bus system, or through trips to Cornell’s famous(and delicious) Dairy Bar. 

Peer Advisors are here to help first-years transition to Cornell, and show them all that Cornell has to offer inside and outside of the classroom! I can not wait to welcome the new first year students next fall and help them make Cornell Engineering their new home!

—Lily, operations research and engineering