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Why I chose Cornell Engineering

A photo of Cornell Engineering student MadelineI specifically chose Cornell Engineering for three reasons: the students, curriculum, and project teams. When I visited Cornell and went on tours, I also attended a physics class. I immediately noticed that the students were passionate about what they were learning. Not only that, but they were eager to support others. Even though the students are all trying to get the best grade as possible, I noticed that they are still willing to go out of their way to help their peers.

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Spotlight: Operations Research & Engineering

Cornell Engineering student EricaErica is a Cornell Engineering student from Marlboro, NJ. She is majoring in Operations Research and Engineering (OR&E) and minoring in Business. She is planning on pursuing a career in financial services. Her extracurricular involvement includes serving as a Co-Director of Student Services for the Society of Women Engineers, working part-time at the campus fitness centers, and being an engineering peer advisor. She also is involved in the Cornell Fashion Collective and a sorority. Her favorite Cornell Dairy Bar ice cream flavor is Mango Sorbet.

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Spotlight: Engineering Physics

Cornell Engineering student KimberlyKim is from Metuchen, NJ and is majoring in engineering physics. Her favorite building on campus is Snee Hall. On campus, she is also a resident advisor on North Campus and the Analysis subteam lead of Concrete Canoe, an engineering project team. She has also worked as a teaching assistant for courses on lasers and nanoscience, and she was a member of a research lab for two years.

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First Generation College Students are Trailblazers

Shakima ClencyHello, my name is Shakima M. Clency and I serve as the Associate Dean of Students for Student Empowerment and Director of First-Generation and Low-Income Student Support. In this capacity, I work collaboratively with colleagues across campus to increase access and support for first-generation college students, those who come from families in which neither parent or guardian has obtained a four-year college degree, to ease the college transition, foster community, and connect students with resources to support their academic and personal success.

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Spotlight: Electrical and Computer Engineering

Cornell Engineering Student SamuelHi! My name is Samuel and I am an electrical and computer engineering major from Palo Alto, California. I am a member of the mix subteam of Cornell’s Concrete Canoe project team, meaning I work on developing and testing different concrete designs for a new concrete boat that is built every year. As a huge chocolate fan I always get the Chocolate Gorges flavored ice cream wherever I can find it. While I’m on campus I enjoy participating in intramural sports as it gives me a chance to reignite the joy of sports I had played and loved as a kid.

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Outside the Classroom: Clubs and Organizations

Photo of Barton Hall filled with students during Clubfest

Barton Hall, the location of Club Fest, is filled with students.

One of my personal favorite things about Cornell is the extensive and diverse opportunities every student is given to become involved in extracurricular activities. With events like Club Fest, Project Fest, and various student groups always tabling or handing out quarter-cards on Ho Plaza or in Robert Purcell Community Center, all Cornell students (especially incoming freshmen) are constantly presented with ample opportunities to become involved in the Cornell community.

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Libe Slope: My Favorite Place on Campus

A photo of the sunset over Cayuaga Lake from Libe SlopeCornell has an exceptionally beautiful campus. I remember when I first visited, I was taking pictures of everything I saw—the powerful waterfall falling from the peaceful Beebe Lake, the rays of sun glimmering through the trees on the Arts Quad, the modern buildings standing amongst the old, classically beautiful ones, the West Campus archway that makes me feel like I’m in a Harry Potter movie, the Cascadilla Gorge that makes me feel like I go to school in a national park, the cherry blossoms that line Ho Plaza, and of course, the stunning view from the top of Libe Slope.

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Life on North Campus

Cornell engineering student Francis, posing with two other RAsHi there! My name’s Francis, and I’m a senior here at Cornell majoring in electrical and computer engineering and minoring in business. From the moment I stepped onto campus four years ago, I knew that I’d try my absolute hardest to make this place home. And I did exactly that. So let me take you back to my freshman days on North Campus—where the journey began.

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Thinking About the Future

Lance CollinsIt’s strange, and very reassuring, to think that even in these incredibly demanding, disruptive, and unprecedented times, we are still thinking about the future. We are doing it here at the College of Engineering, and we know you are planning for the future at home with your families.

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