Ricardo Daziano

Associate Professor
Civil Engineering


Ricardo A. Daziano received a Ph.D. in economics from Laval University in 2010. He joined the CEE faculty in January 2011 adding a new dimension to the area of sustainable systems engineering in both teaching and research.

Research Interests

Daziano’s research focuses on engineering decision making, specifically on theoretical and applied econometrics of consumer behavior and discrete choice models applied to technological innovation in transportation and energy. Daziano’s specific empirical research interests include the analysis of air travel demand, the study of pro-environmental preferences toward low-emission vehicles, modeling the adoption of sustainable travel behavior, estimating willingness-to-pay for renewable energy, and forecasting consumers’ response to environmentally-friendly energy sources.

Teaching Interests

Daziano teaches graduate courses in Microeconometrics of Discrete Choice and Transportation Energy Systems, and an undergraduate course in Engineering Economics and Management. Topics covered in his classes include economic models of decision making for engineering, analysis of choice microdata, statistical point and interval estimation, simulation-aided inference (Monte Carlo techniques), Bayesian econometrics, nonlinear optimization, and advanced numerical methods. He also teaches a Freshman Engineer Advising Seminar.

Service Interests

Undergraduate Academic Advising (CEE and ORIE), Undergraduate Research Advising, Graduate Admissions, Reviewer for several Academic Journals, Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) Proposal Reviewer, Fonds de recherche du Québec – Nature et technologies FRQNT (Group Research Grants in Industrial Engineering) Proposal Reviewer.

Selected Publications

  • Daziano, RA. 2020. “Flexible customer willingness to pay for bundled smart energy products and services.” Resource and Energy Economics 61. DOI: j.reseneeco.2020.101175
  • Dubey, S, P Bansal, RA Daziano and E Guerra. 2020. “A generalized continuous-multinomial response model with a t-distributed error kernel.” Transportation Research Part B: Methodological 133, 114-141.
  • Bansal, P, R Krueger, M Bierlaire, RA Daziano, and TH Rashidi. 2020.”Bayesian estimation of mixed multinomial logit models: advances and simulation-based evaluations.” Transportation Research Part B: Methodological 131, 124-142.
  • Bansal, P, V Keshavarzzadeh, A Guevara, S Li, and RA Daziano.”Designed Quadrature to Approximate Integrals in Maximum Simulated Likelihood Estimation.” The Econometrics Journal, DOI: 10.1093/ectj/utab023
  • Sarrias, MA and RA Daziano. 2017. “Multinomial Logit Models with Continuous and Discrete Individual Heterogeneity in R: The gmnl Package.” Journal of Statistical Software 79(2), 1-46.

Selected Awards and Honors

  • NSF CAREER Award(National Science Foundation)2013
  • Barry McNutt TRB Paper Award(Transportation Energy Committee, TRB)2008
  • David Croll Fellowship2012


  • B.S. (Industrial Engineering), Universidad de Chile, 2001
  • EAERE-FEEM-VIU European Summer School in Resources and Environmental Economics: Economics, Transport and Environment.Venice International University, 2009
  • (Discrete Choice Models: Theory and Applications to Environment, Landscape, Transportation and Marketing), Alma Mater Studiorum-University of Bologna, 2009
  • Ph.D.(Econometrics, Industrial Organization),Université Laval, 2010