Minglin Ma

Associate Professor
Biological Engineering


Minglin Ma is an Associate Professor in the Department of Biological and Environmental Engineering and joined the department in July 2013 after completing his postdoctoral training in the MIT labs of Robert Langer and Daniel Anderson. His work there evolved in the fields of biomaterials and bioengineering. Professor Ma is interested in using the concept of “cell packaging” for life science and agricultural applications.

Research Focus

The Ma group works to develop novel biomaterials and engineering approaches to pack live materials, ranging from single cancer stem cells to multi-cellular organisms, for diagnostics, disease modeling, and therapeutic applications. Current foci include cancer cell growth, liver disease modeling, and type 1 diabetes treatment.

Teaching Focus

Professor Ma teaches students about the analysis and design of different types of biomaterials, including synthetic and bio-derived materials and their synthesis, characterization, and applications. He emphasizes both a fundamental understanding of biomaterial chemistry and physics at the molecular level, as well as mathematical analysis towards rational design of biomaterials. Student experience and learning are enhanced through case studies.