Meet Yiqi

Cornell Engineering student YiqiMajor: electrical & computer engineering and computer science
Hometown: Beijing, China

Why did you choose Cornell University and/or Cornell Engineering?
I am first impressed by the Cornell founding principle: any person any study. Cornell education has always been designed to not only train accomplished engineers but also to teach us to embrace the diversity of the world. Cornell supports students of different religions, ethnicities, nationalities, genders, and other identities to promote a world that is equitable and kind.

What is your favorite thing about Cornell Engineering?
Cornell Engineering provides abundant opportunities for students with different interests to study and thrive. Students here could find fascinating research groups, diverse project teams, and maker labs for self-design projects. The only thing that bounds ourselves is our own imagination.

How do you get involved outside the classroom?
I’ve been proud to be part of the many clubs that support underrepresented communities in sciences; my peers and I have gained confidence and motivation through these networks. I was involved in a research group during my freshman year. At my junior and senior year, I became a mentor at WICC and ACSU. Additionally, I joined the badminton club at Cornell, competing in the Eastern Collegiate and secured Championships.