Meet Veronica

I am a Cornell Engineer poster with current studnet Veronica on it.Major: chemical engineering
Hometown: Rochester, NY

Veronica is an engineering ambassador, an engineering peer advisor, an Academic Excellence Workshop facilitator, and a member of Greek Life. She has launched her own crocheted apparel cottage business out of her home and loves to write short screenplays—she is minoring in film here at Cornell.

Veronica breaks the rules by exploring her passions not only within the realm of engineering, but also in other areas such as film and writing. Exercising her strengths in these areas gives her a creative edge that enables her to do better, more innovative work within chemical engineering.

Veronica wants prospective students to know “how collaborative Cornell Engineering is. So many of her projects at Cornell have been team-based and each groupmate brings their own unique perspective to the table has really elevated the quality of these assignments. Leanring and forming meaningful friendships goes hand in hand in engineering.”

She feels the most incredible thing about being an engineer is “the breadth of the field. Engineers have reach that impacts every corner of industry. They are at the forefront of movements towards societal progress; engineers are pioneering the shift towards clean energy, designing biotechnology that will forever change how the world sees disease, and coding the digital interface of future generations.