Meet Sarah

Major: electrical and computer engineering
Hometown: Madison, NJ

Why did you choose Cornell and/or Cornell Engineering?
I learned that I wanted to go into the industry of renewable energy in my later years of high school, and also had known that I wanted to study engineering because I did robotics and had some introduction to it. I particularly was interested in electricity and software, and also was interested in climate-related sciences. Cornell has the motto “any person, any study” and that was the main thing that drew me in. I wanted to study electrical and computer engineering and also study atmospheric sciences, and Cornell is a great place to study multiple subjects even if they are seemingly unrelated. I also liked the project team program, because it allowed students to really gain hands on experience with the information they learn in the classroom. I chose Cornell University overall because it is a big school with a lot of social opportunity while also being amongst lots of other inspiring students. I also am originally from the finger lakes area and it was like going home for me!

What is your favorite thing about Cornell and/or Cornell Engineering?
I like that Cornell Engineering is like it’s own community within Cornell. I am involved in some engineering-related clubs, such as my project team, Engineers for a Sustainable World and my engineering sorority Alpha Omega Epsilon. I also know lots of people in my major because we take the same classes, and lots of freshmen engineers take the same general classes so you see a lot of familiar faces. It’s a good way to have a network of others in my field, find study buddies, and it feels more like a community and not like I am competing with my peers.

How did you get involved outside the classroom?
Outside of the classroom I am involved in two project teams, Engineers for a Sustainable World and Cornell University Sustainable Design. I am also a part of the engineering sorority Alpha Omega Epsilon. I like to take part in events/programs that other organizations have, such as Society of Women Engineers, Women in Computing at Cornell, and Institute for Electricity and Electronics Engineers. These organizations have study partner-finding events, professional development workshops, information sessions with companies, and mentorship programs that I have enjoyed taking part in. The way I got involved was just by being attentive to the opportunities around me. At Cornell there is a big event called clubfest where all student organizations have tables and you can ask them questions and sign up for their email list. The engineering school also has project team fest each fall where students can look at different project teams and meet their members. Other than that, the engineering newsletter and Cornell newsletter also sometimes releases announcements about opportunities to get involved!