Meet Sam

Major: Earth and atmospheric sciences
Hometown: El Paso, TX

Why did you choose Cornell and/or Cornell Engineering?
I chose Cornell Engineering because it offered a diverse range of courses and programs that offered me a chance to gain a deeper understanding of how to apply engineering principles to solve complex environmental and atmospheric challenges. Additionally, the College of Engineering provides opportunities for interdisciplinary collaboration and research, allowing me to work with engineers and scientists from different fields to develop innovative solutions to real-world problems.

What is your favorite thing about Cornell and/or Cornell Engineering?
My favorite thing about Cornell Engineering is the opportunities for interdisciplinary research. Engineering students are not expected to focus on “engineering things”, but are encouraged to use their skills as a tool to solve seemingly unrelated problems.

How did you get involved outside the classroom?
I get involved outside of the classroom through my work on CU GeoData: a student-run engineering project team that develops and deploys novel instrumentation to record atmospheric, geologic, and hydrologic variables. Working on a project team allows me to interact with both Cornell faculty and the Ithacan community in collaborative and impactful way.