Meet Rami

A poster with Cornell Engineering student Rami pictured on itMajor: computer science
Hometown: Walnut, CA

Rami is Egyptian and writes and performs poetry and the spoken word.

Rami breaks the rules by paying more attention to his clubs and organizations than his classes, transferring into the CS major first semester of Junior year, turning down a Microsoft offer for Adobe, and drinking 2-3 cups of coffee a day.

With regard to his experience in engineering, he wants prospective students to know that engineering is not as hard as you think. You are smart enough and you belong here. There will be people telling you different things along your journey, but at the end of the day, you know your worth. Show them.

Rami wants to live in a world where engineers will foster an “each one, teach one” environment to more easily pass knowledge down to younger peers.

After Cornell Engineering Rami hopes to apply his CS and product development knowledge to be the technical co-founder of a startup company aiming at bettering the Person of Color experience in colleges across America. Then, he hopes to move back to Egypt and work with the Egyptian government to better the living circumstances of poor people and their access to basic life necessities.