Meet Melissa

Cornell Engineering student MelissaMajor: chemical engineering
Hometown: Rochester, NY

Why you choose Cornell Engineering?
I liked the big, open campus with its beautiful waterfalls and spaces where people seemed to enjoy hanging out outside. Also, everyone I met before I applied (I met with some professors and the students who gave tours) was so kind and welcoming.

What is your favorite thing about Cornell Engineering?
My favorite thing about Cornell Engineering is the collaborative environment. There were definitely academic struggles for me throughout my four semesters so far, but the people around me made the difficulty and rigor more manageable. I made a study group first semester with people I was randomly assigned to work with on the first day of math discussion, and to be quite honest I was a bit intimidated by them because they clearly knew more than me. However, I quickly learned that Cornell Engineering is a great place to meet people who are better than you at something, but who are so kind and willing to help you improve. My freshman year study buddies are still among my closest friends, despite the fact that we all chose different majors and don’t share as many classes anymore.

What do you do outside of the classroom?
Since freshman year, I have been going to a nursing home a short walk from the freshman dorms on North Campus to play music on my guitar nearly every Friday night. Although it just a small part of my week, I have really enjoyed seeing the same people every week, playing and singing along with them, and talking about anything that came to mind.