Meet Kunal

Cornell Engineering student KunalMajor: computer science
Hometown: The Hague, Netherlands

Why did you choose Cornell University and/or Cornell Engineering?
I chose Cornell after touring the campus and engaging with students and faculty from various schools and departments. Deeply impressed by the caliber and breadth of opportunities offered here, from projects teams and research groups to club sports and outdoor societies, I knew this was a place where I would grow in every dimension, and rarely suffer a dull moment.

What is your favorite thing about Cornell Engineering?
My favorite thing about Cornell Engineering is the ease of accessibility to a body of passionate, industry-leading faculty. For every niche interest one can find open doors here to engage in conversations and opportunities unobtainable anywhere else.

How do you get involved outside the classroom?
Cornell has hundreds of clubs, teams, and organizations of every category and commitment level. Whether through attending events like ProjectFest or ClubFest, or just filtering through Cornell’s listed organizations, it is extremely easy to get involved with activities and students beyond the classroom.