Meet Jacqueline

A photo of Cornell Engineering students workingMajor: environmental engineering
Hometown: Hong Kong

Highlight from your time at Cornell:
Getting involved with the Energy Warriors program as part of ESW. We worked with Cornell Cooperative Extension to develop and teach sustainability education lessons for incarcerated youth in Tompkins County. I learned a lot about the criminal justice system, especially the gender disparities that exist within their juvenile education systems.

Favorite Professor:
Prof. Damian Helbling! I took CEE 3510 with him, and really appreciate his approach to learning and great sense of humor. I also joined his lab sophomore fall – he and other members of his research group have been such wonderful role models these past 3 years.

Dream job:
Applying environmental engineering and human-centered design principles to build sustainable, affordable, quality water treatment systems for underserved communities!

What will you miss the most?
Living with 19 friends in a student-run cooperative, including other environmental engineers (such as fellow senior Ian, pictured)! I’ll also all miss the friendly faces of Hollister Hall, especially the second floor main office area.