Meet Anita

poster of engineering student AnitaMajor: civil engineering
Hometown: Great Neck, NY

Anita is the team lead for Cornell Seismic Design, is part of the McLaskey Research Group, which studies earthquake physics, and sings with the Cornell Chorale. Anita loves Cornell Dining’s buffalo chicken wings and started jogging regularly after taking a Cornell PE class on jogging.

Anita breaks the rules by going beyond building codes and trying to design truly sustainable and resilient structures using physics, statistics, and data.

Anita wants the world to know that women can be as successful as men in STEM! With regard to my experience in engineering, I want prospective students to know that it is important to face challenges and learn new things that are outside your discipline. Nowadays, different engineering fields are so interconnected that we as engineers need to diversify our toolbox.

Anita feels that the most incredible thing about being an engineer is that you feel like you are making the world a better place. For her, engineering is about finding innovative solutions to problems and creating a more resilient future.