Eshan Chattopadhyay

Assistant Professor
Computer Science

Research Interests

I am broadly interested in theoretical computer science and I am part of the theory group at Cornell. Before this I was a postdoctoral researcher at the Institute for Advanced Study, a Microsoft Research Fellow at the Simons Institute, and a graduate student at UT Austin under David Zuckerman.

Selected Publications

  • Pseudorandom Generators from Polarizing Random Walks
    Eshan Chattopadhyay, Pooya Hatami, Kaave Hosseini, Shachar Lovett
    CCC 2018, Invited to ToC special issue
  • Improved Pseudorandomness for Unordered Branching Programs through Local Monotonicity
    Eshan Chattopadhyay, Pooya Hatami, Omer Reingold, Avishay Tal
    STOC 2018
  • Explicit Two-Source Extractors and Resilient Functions
    Eshan Chattopadhyay, David Zuckerman
    Annals of Mathematics (to appear)
    Preliminary version in STOC 2016, won Best Paper Award
  • Non-Malleable Extractors and Codes, with their Many Tampered Extensions
    Eshan Chattopadhyay, Vipul Goyal, Xin Li
    STOC 2016