Edwin Kan

Electrical and Computer Engineering


Professor Edwin Kan received his B.S. in 1984 from the National Taiwan University. He received his Ph.D. from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 1992. He was a Senior CAD Engineer at Dawn Technology from 1992-1994. From 1994-1997 he was a Research Associate at Stanford University. He joined the faculty of Electrical Engineering at Cornell in 1997 as an assistant professor. Professor Kan is now a full professor.

Research Interests

  1. Passive RF tags for locating and sensing: mixed-signal waveform shaping by nonlinear transmission lines and active devices, ultra-low power oscillator-free millimeter-sized radio link, and harmonic backscattering for indoor locating.
  2. Nanoscale CMOS systems: Device and interconnect scaling to the 10nm technology. New structures and materials for logic and memory devices.  New low-voltage and low-power circuits to support further technology scaling and new system functions.
  3. CMOS molecular interface biosensors: Integrated chemical, molecular and biological sensors and actuators based on charge-controlled surface electrochemistry.  Functional specificity towards ion, molecules (DNA, mRNA, proteins and vesicles), action potential, pressure, impedance and morphology such as cell metastasis, and molecular folding.
  4. Technology CAD for VLSI design: Device and process simulation, SPICE compact models, numerical methods and software engineering. Construction of model hierarchy for better analysis and synthesis of the complex design.

Teaching Interests

Professor Kan teaches graduate courses on Semiconductor Memories and RFID, and undergraduate courses on Introduction to Microelectronics, Quantum Mechanics, Silicon Devices, Digital Circuit Design, RF Systems, Robust Programming, and Nanofabrication.

Service Interests

Prof. Kan served as the ECE Director of Graduate Studies from 2010 to 2013.

Selected Publications

  • Ma, Y., Edwin Chihchuan Kan2014.“Accurate Indoor Ranging by Broadband Harmonic Generation in Passive NLTL Backscatter Tags.” IEEE Trans. Microwave Theory and Techniques (MTT)5(1249-1261).
  • Jayant, K., K. Auluck, S. Rodriguez, Y. Cao, Edwin Chihchuan Kan2014.“Programmable Ion-sensitive Transistor Interfaces III. Design Considerations, Signal Generation and Sensitivity Enhancement.” Phys. Rev. E.89(5)052817.
  • Cao, Y., N. Rakhilin, X. Shen, Edwin Chihchuan Kan2014.“Nonamperometric CMOS Sensing of Intestinal Action Potential.” Paper presented at 18th International Conference Miniaturized Systems for Chemistry and Life Science (uTAS)October (4th Quarter/Autumn) 26.
  • Rajwade, S. R., T. A. Naoi, K. Auluck, K. Jayant, R. B. van Dover, Edwin Chihchuan Kan2013.“Ferroelectric-assisted dual switching speed DRAM-Flash hybrid memory.” IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices60(6)1944-1950.
  • Wang, Y., W.-K Yu, G. E. Suh, Edwin Chihchuan Kan2013.“Hiding information in Flash memory.” Paper presented at IEEE Symp. Security and PrivacySan Francisco, CAMay.

Selected Awards and Honors

  • Cornell Inventor Award(Cornell University)2006
  • Robert ’55 and Vanne ’57 Cowie Excellence in Teaching Award(Cornell College of Engineering)2003
  • Cornell Inventor Award(Cornell University)2003
  • Best Chapter Chair Award(IEEE)2002
  • PECASE (Presidential Early-Career Award for Scientists and Engineers) Award(US Government)2000


  • B.S. (Electrical Engineering),National Taiwan University,1984
  • M.S. (Electrical and Computer Engineering),University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign,1988
  • Ph.D. (Electrical and Computer Engineering),University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign,1992