Andy Ruina

John F. Carr Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Sibley School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering


Born in Providence RI, moved around East Coast through High School. A year in Israel before college. Three degrees from Brown University. Last year of school also worked at USGS in California. Started Cornell right out of Graduate School on Monday Aug 25, 1980.

Research Interests

Dynamics, especially of locomotion, and within that, especially the energetics and balance of walking, biking and boating, both human and robotic. Other interests include the mechanics of friction and collisions.

Selected Publications

  • Bhounsule, P. A., J. Cortell, A. Ruina.  2014. “Design and control of ranger: an energy-efficient, dynamic walking robot.”  Journal of Robotics Research.
  • Pratap, R., A. Ruina.  2014. Introduction to Statics and Dynamics.  : 1049. In draft form.
  • Lothman, P., A. Ruina.  2012. “Humans can run on water using big instantly-changable shoes.”  In prep.
  • Grewal, A., P. Johnson, A. Ruina.  2011. “A chain that speeds up, rather than slows, due to collisions: How compression can cause tension.”  American Journal of Physics 79 (7): 723-729.
  • Gomes, M., A. Ruina.  2011. “A Walking Model with No Energy Cost.”  Physical Review E 83 (3): 032901-1 — 032901-4.

Selected Awards and Honors

  • Presidential Young Investigator Award (National Science Foundation) 1984


  • B.S. (Mechanical Engineering), Brown University, 1976
  • M.S. (Mechanical Engineering), Brown University, 1978
  • Ph.D. (Mechanical Engineering), Brown University, 1981