Spotlight: Mechanical Engineering

Cornell Engineering student HarleenHi! My name is Harleen and I am majoring in mechanical engineering. I am originally from outside of Philadelphia, PA. On campus, I work as an undergraduate researcher in the Dr. Andarawis-Puri Lab where I investigate the use of exercise in repairing damaged tendons. Since my sophomore year, I have served as the High School Outreach coordinator for the Society of Women Engineers at Cornell. As the coordinator, I lead a team to plan various events to introduce engineering to high school girls through hands-on activities and guest speakers.

My favorite place on campus is Beebe Lake on North Campus. I love to go there and walk around the lake, especially during the fall. The bright yellows and reds remind me of home!

Once I graduate, I plan to utilize my problem solving skills and background in mechanics to pursue biomedical research and make a clinical impact. I hope to develop novel therapeutics in the medical field and eventually work at a medical technology company to make a difference in the healthcare industry. I love that mechanical engineering is an extremely versatile major, and it offers me the ability to use my passion for physics and math to create innovative technologies for the medical field.

Other mechanical engineers go on to work in a variety of different industries, such as aerospace, architecture, construction, electronics, consumer goods, and defense. Some even apply their skills in finance, law, sales, and technical consulting.
—Harleen, mechanical engineering