Finding Community at Cornell

Moving into your residence hall at a university with over 14,000 students can be somewhat overwhelming, especially if you are coming from somewhere far from Ithaca, New York like I did. Moving from warm and sunny Phoenix, Arizona to upstate New York was quite a big culture shift for me and I was worried about finding a group where I could fit in.Photo of two students standing in soccer goal

Looking back, one great way to meet new people and explore all the great clubs and organizations that Cornell University has to offer was to meet new people during freshman orientation. While approaching people you have never met before can be somewhat intimidating, realize that everyone is in the same boat as you, looking for people to fit in with. During my orientation, I was able to meet a few others who played soccer like myself and we decided to try out for Cornell Santos, one of Cornell’s club soccer teams. Through Santos, I was introduced to a diverse group of people who participated in many other organizations on campus as well. One of the individuals on my team introduced me to a Greek Organization that I now call home as well.

For those who wish to gain more insight on all the groups that exist at Cornell, visiting the Cornell campus groups website is a great way to gain exposure to all the different types of organizations. Sports teams, Greek life, project teams, co-op’s, residential programs, a capella groups, professional organizations… you name it, Cornell has it.

College is a unique opportunity to expand your horizons and try something new and Cornell makes this very easy by providing its student population with all the resources necessary to find your community. In doing so, I was able to meet great people, have unforgettable experiences, and experience all that Cornell and Ithaca have to offer.

—Jake ’20,civil engineering