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Cornell: My Childhood Dream

A photograph of Cornell Engineering student SydneyI’ve known about Cornell since I was little. From when I first learned about careers to about sophomore year of high school, I wanted to be a veterinarian, and attending Cornell Veterinary School was my dream. When I became interested in engineering, Cornell faded from the picture slightly as I looked at closer schools (I live in Utah, so it’s a real trek to Cornell). In the last few days of the application time period, I decided to apply to Cornell just to see what would happen, since it had been a childhood dream to attend.

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What a Surprise: My Cornell Life

A photo of Cornell Engineering student, TseTse in a labIf three years ago, you told me that I would be writing a blog about my experience at Cornell, the first thing that would surprise me is that I’m writing a blog. The second thing, however, would be that I attended Cornell. I chose Cornell simply because I thought it was one of the best engineering schools with the best combination of prestige and education. I turned out to be right. What I did not know nor think of, was what living at Cornell would be like. I can proudly tell you that I have loved my experience here and will miss it when I graduate next year. To help you, now that you are where I was a few years ago, I can describe to you my daily life at Cornell.

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Outside the Classroom: Clubs and Organizations

Photo of Barton Hall filled with students during Clubfest

Barton Hall, the location of Club Fest, is filled with students.

One of my personal favorite things about Cornell is the extensive and diverse opportunities every student is given to become involved in extracurricular activities. With events like Club Fest, Project Fest, and various student groups always tabling or handing out quarter-cards on Ho Plaza or in Robert Purcell Community Center, all Cornell students (especially incoming freshmen) are constantly presented with ample opportunities to become involved in the Cornell community.

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Libe Slope: My Favorite Place on Campus

A photo of the sunset over Cayuaga Lake from Libe SlopeCornell has an exceptionally beautiful campus. I remember when I first visited, I was taking pictures of everything I saw—the powerful waterfall falling from the peaceful Beebe Lake, the rays of sun glimmering through the trees on the Arts Quad, the modern buildings standing amongst the old, classically beautiful ones, the West Campus archway that makes me feel like I’m in a Harry Potter movie, the Cascadilla Gorge that makes me feel like I go to school in a national park, the cherry blossoms that line Ho Plaza, and of course, the stunning view from the top of Libe Slope.

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Finding Community at Cornell

Moving into your residence hall at a university with over 14,000 students can be somewhat overwhelming, especially if you are coming from somewhere far from Ithaca, New York like I did. Moving from warm and sunny Phoenix, Arizona to upstate New York was quite a big culture shift for me and I was worried about finding a group where I could fit in.Photo of two students standing in soccer goal

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