Herbert Hui

Joseph C. Ford Professor of Engineering
Sibley School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering


Chung-Yuen Hui majored in physics and mathematics as an undergraduate and did his doctoral work in applied mechanics at Harvard University. He joined the Cornell faculty in 1981. Hui was the recipient of several teaching awards, including the Tau Beta Pi Teaching award in 2005. He received the 3M award for excellence in adhesion science in 2011 and has published over 230 papers in international journals.

Research Interests

My current interest is in areas connecting mechanics and materials. In the past 10 years, I have focused my work in the areas of adhesion science, fracture mechanics and mechanics of soft matter. Recent research projects include bio-inspired architectures for controlled adhesion and friction properties, crack propagation in self-healing polymer gels with high toughness, computational and functional characterization of the molecular steps in Membrane Fusion and mapping of cancer cell traction force in 3D biomatrix.

Selected Publications

  • Congrui, Jin, Jagota Anand, Chung-Yuen Hui. 2013. “Structure and Energetics of Dislocations at Micro-Structured Complementary Interface Govern Adhesion.” Advanced Functional Materials 23 (27): 3453-3462.
  • Hall, Matthew S., Long Rong, Chung-Yuen Hui, Wu Mingming. 2012. “Mapping 3D Stress and Strain Fields within a Soft Hydrogel using a Fluorescence Microscope.” Biophysical Journal 102: 2241-2250.
  • Long, R., A. Jagota, Chung-Yuen Hui, M. Bykhovskaia. 2012. “Adhesion Energy Can Regulate Vesicle Fusion and Stabilize Partially Fused States.” J. of Royal Society, Interface 9 (72): 1555-67.
  • Hui, Chung-Yuen, R. Long. 2012. “A Constitutive Model for the Large Deformation of a Self-Healing gel.” Soft Matter 8: 8209-8216.
  • Hall, M S., F. Alisafaei, E. Ban, X. Feng, C Y. Hui, V B. Shenoy, M Wu. 2016.”Fibrous nonlinear elasticity enables positive mechanical feedback between cells and ECMs.” December.

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Selected Awards and Honors

  • Robert ’55 and Vanne ’57 Cowie Teaching Award (College of Engineering) 2012
  • Michelin Visiting Professor Award (ESPCI Paris Tech) 2010
  • Chairman of Gordon Conference on Adhesion (The Adhesion Society) 2010
  • Tau Beta Pi Excellence in Teaching Award (Tau Beta Pi) 2004
  • James and Mary Tien Excellence in Teaching Award (College of Engineering) 2004


  • B.A. (Physics), University of Wisconsin- Madison, 1975
  • M.S. (Applied Mathematics), Harvard University, 1976
  • Ph.D. (Solid Mechanics), Harvard University, 1981