My Favorite Spot on Campus

When the weather is warm in Ithaca, I make sure to always be outside, taking advantage of the gorgeous nature surrounding campus. When I was a freshman, I was overwhelmed with the physical size of Cornell. Everyday I was discovering new places to see, new buildings to study in, or new places to eat at. It was not until the beginning of my sophomore year that I discovered what is now my favorite spot on campus, the arboretum.
Cornell Engineering student Glenn

If you ever find yourself out on east campus, you’ll see many new things Cornell has to offer including the Dairy Bar, greenhouses, barns filled with agricultural animals, miles of fields, and of course, the Cornell Botanical Gardens and Arboretum. With a collection of plants and trees from around the world and picturesque sunsets, this is the place for you.

The F.R. Newman Arboretum is voted the #1 most beautiful college arboretum. It provides a place of study for those learning about the growth and cultivation of a diverse collection of trees and shrubs, but for me, it’s a place I go to run and relax. The 100-acre arboretum consists of a two-mile loop, which is my running route when the weather is forgiving. On the loop, you’ll see hundreds of different species of trees, a beautiful central pond filled with turtles, fish, and lily pads, a giant stone structure exhibit, and an overlook that provides an amazing view.

Every time I go to the arboretum, I take for granted the beautiful nature that is only a 10 minute walk from the North Campus. From my outdoor runs during the warmer parts of the year, to cross-country skiing through the trials that span the surrounding woods, the F.R Newman Arboretum is a spectacular site to go visit year round.

If there is only one place on campus you see during your time at Cornell, I urge you to visit the arboretum. If you’re not one to run or cross-country ski, the arboretum provides you with hiking and walking trails (both on and off paved-roads), picnic and bench areas, and even a self-guided tour. Other than the arboretum, Cornell offers amazing natural scenes all across campus. Every day I cross over waterfalls and walk through trials along the gorge. And, if you decide to go off campus, Ithaca’s parks and lakes are unbelievable.

—Glenn, computer science