Project Team: CUAUV

Project Team: Cornell University Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (CUAUV)

Project team CUAUVFor many of us on CUAUV, we have found our team to be like family. Every meeting is surrounded by an atmosphere of genuine curiosity for learning as well as light-hearted humor. Project teams at Cornell all offer this same type of experience: they allow students to practice their knowledge in real-life projects while finding your friends in the process. But for CUAUV at least, our experience goes beyond this. Many of our members have received full-time jobs from their experience through our large alumni network and sponsor relationships. Members have also found study partners for many of the classes they share and are able to depend on each other for advice. And, yes, we also have found our life-long friends here.

Project team CUAUVThe experience of working on CUAUV provides the opportunity to enhance your college career both in and outside of the classroom. As the singular writer of this blog, I found that it would be unfair for me to speak for the team as a whole, so, I included some direct quotes from our members:

“AUV taught me the skills to be a leader for both my team and in everyday life.” – Emily (Business Lead, Information Science, Systems, and Technology ‘21)

“Jumping into the Mechanical sub-team has taught me important challenges and successes within the design cycle” – Katherine (Mechanical Member, Mechanical Engineering ’24)

“AUV is the reason I passed Algo.” and “I now use Arch Linux. Thanks AUV!” – Oliver (Software Member, Computer Science ’23)

“Working on the Electrical team helped me get my foot in the door at my first internship, because the recruiter had also worked on designing a printed circuit board when he was in college!” – Maria (Electrical Member, Electrical and Computer Engineering ’22)

“Project team experience has been the perfect supplement to my course content. Hands-on experience with design, manufacturing, assembling and teamwork have helped prepare me for real on-the-job experience that I wouldn’t get in classes alone.” – Matt (Mechanical Lead, Mechanical Engineering ’22)

“I’ve found a way to translate my classroom knowledge to the real world.” – Ashley (Business Member, Chemistry, Economics, and Computer Science ’23)

At the end of the day, we are all just a bunch of students trying to make the most ofProject team CUAUV our college experience. But on CUAUV, we are all united through our commitment to learn as much as we can, teach everything we know, and to grow as people.

—Emily, information science, systems & technology