Spotlight: Electrical and Computer Engineering

Cornell Engineering Student SamuelHi! My name is Samuel and I am an electrical and computer engineering major from Palo Alto, California. I am a member of the mix subteam of Cornell’s Concrete Canoe project team, meaning I work on developing and testing different concrete designs for a new concrete boat that is built every year. As a huge chocolate fan I always get the Chocolate Gorges flavored ice cream wherever I can find it. While I’m on campus I enjoy participating in intramural sports as it gives me a chance to reignite the joy of sports I had played and loved as a kid.

I really appreciate how electrical and computer engineering shares so much common ground with other engineering majors, so I can find classes to take with friends in other majors within the college. I also love the applicability of the skills learned inside of an ECE classroom to the real world. I used to look at new consumer technology being sold and view the numbers as just digits on a piece of paper, but now with more formal instruction I can understand the meaning behind those benchmarks.

I do not know for sure what I want to do in the future, but as an electrical and computer engineer I know that I have broad employment opportunities. Students from my major have gone into chip design and manufacturing, software engineering, consulting, finance, data analytics, and other related fields.

—Samuel, electrical and computer engineering