Beebe Lake: My Favorite Place on Campus

A photo of Beebe Lake

As much as I enjoy my classes and my peers, nothing makes me happier than to take a stroll around the lake on a warm, sunny day. One Friday afternoon in October, after a particularly stressful week, I took a walk around Beebe Lake. Although the mile-long trail could be completed within 20 minutes, I spent nearly two hours admiring the fall colors around me, observing a frog I discovered beneath one of the bridges, and taking photographs at each and every step. Those two hours served not only as a distraction, but also inspired creativity and motivation that helped me to tackle that weekend’s work.

Beebe Lake is beautiful year-round, even in the winter if you are willing to brave the cold. The slight fluctuation in trail elevation provides a mildly challenging run. Nearly every inch of the trail is picture worthy and, if you’re willing to deviate from the trail a little, there are a couple amazing, secluded locations. Whether you simply want a brief escape or are an avid nature lover, the trails around Beebe Lake will satisfy your desires.

—Reynold, unaffiliated