Lance CollinsIt’s strange, and very reassuring, to think that even in these incredibly demanding, disruptive, and unprecedented times, we are still thinking about the future. We are doing it here at the College of Engineering, and we know you are planning for the future at home with your families.

Addressing a current crisis while at the same time planning for the future is a sign of resilience, which is a trait Cornell Engineers have shown since Ezra Cornell founded the University in 1865. Today, the world faces many challenges beyond just COVID-19, and this moment is a clarion call to action which Cornell University and Cornell  Engineering are uniquely positioned to meet. We believe you are also uniquely qualified to help the world meet these daunting and exciting challenges.

We have world-class facilities and labs. We have faculty who are recognized leaders in fields as diverse as cryoelectron microscopy and drought caused by global climate change. We have bright, motivated students. Most profoundly, we have a community of people whose core traits are innovation, empathy, kindness, creativity, deep disciplinary expertise and, most importantly, a drive to find solutions to seemingly unsolvable problems. This is who we are. This is what we do.

I invite you to join the community of Cornell Engineers. Bring your talents in math and science. Bring your interest in engineering. Most of all, bring your kindness, compassion, sense of innovation, and your collaborative nature. We are planning for what comes next, and we hope you will join us as we engineer a better future.

~Lance R. Collins, J. Silbert Dean of Engineering